We drive adoption of nodes on the bitcoin network

Why run your own bitcoin node?

Running a full node allows you to:

  • Independently and privately verify you’ve received a transaction with finality, instead of just trusting miner hash power
  • Decide for yourself which consensus rules you want to enforce, such as the 21M cap, through the software implementation you run
  • Contribute to network capacity by opening port 8333 and allow on-boarding of new nodes

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StartNode R&D Group

StartNode R&D is a research and development group for stakeholders including investment funds, exchanges, custodians, and others in the bitcoin ecosystem. We guide experimentation with running and testing full nodes, as well as new frontiers such as Lightning Network.

Simply put: the bitcoin security model depends on most users running a full node to verify incoming payments. Members of the group understand the need to support and drive node adoption for both their own self-interest, and for the network as a whole.

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